I’d like to think that I have been

evolving into something much bigger

than I have ever expected.  Through

the years, I have always loved creating,

whether it was painting, coloring,

crafting, baking, cooking, writing or a

culmination of a few of them.

By myself or with others, it has been

such a passion-the realm of creativity.

It swirls in my head day and night.

It’s my inner spirit for sure.

It’s what makes me happy.

In between all the textures and colors of life, I have married the guy God intended

me to be with.  Have two beautiful girls and two more babies in heaven-can’t wait

to meet them some day.  I am currently blessed with a son-in-law and two little

grands that I adore.  Life is good.




I am now touching the waters and sharing some of the struggles that I have been

on, on this amazing path. At moments I surely didn’t think anything great would

come out of it-but I am hear to say-yes, there is. God definitely knew where I was

headed.  He has made it clear to what I need to be doing.   I know I am still a work

in progress, but thankful to be able to share my story of agoraphobia and what I

learned through it to share and guide others.  Panic attacks and fears can stifle the

best of us at any time.  I am here to show you it can have a happy ending of

freedom.  Take it from a princess whose crown (in my mind), was bent, ugly and

didn’t have any meaning, to a princess who has kissed the frog(got my prince)

and I wear my crooked, shiny, not yet perfect crown in a whole new light!