:::INTRODUCING::: Becoming a FEAR SLAYER On-Line Course Guiding you in conquering panic attacks and fears

I AM: A FEAR SLAYER!!! Yes! You’ve heard it right!! I’ve slashed the fear of being stuck in my house, being shaky, avoiding places, fear of dying, feeling out of control, scared and out of sorts, just to name a few. I still have those triggers that try to find their place back in my world that leave me feeling: lonely, afraid, unworthy, unloved, sad, mad, invisible, less than, ugly, guilty, ashamed, tearful and oh so many more, but their time spent with me gets shorter every time they appear.   


I am walking that walk, telling it like it is because I have lived over 30 years making my way through agoraphobia, panic attacks, introverted, fears, shortcomings, emotions, anxieties, stress, and continue to conquer them often. I am here to let you know you are not alone!!


You don’t have to hide within the walls of a dark place wishing you were on the outside. Sometimes it’s what is in our head where we carry those struggles. Feeling like there is no one who understands, no one to talk to safely and to simply share without judgment or lectures. To truly be heard.


You are a princess, held captive in a dark dungeon with a small window that lets in rays of light and reflects what could be, the radiance you deserve.

You desire for that brightness, the openness, the beauty that awaits you!! You sense it, you see it, but feel trapped and afraid of ___________? Fill in the blank.

It’s your story, your beautiful fairy-tale, your chance of a lifetime!! Your end goal isn’t the prince, (well maybe!) but truly, the freedom to roam and

rule your kingdom with elegance, grace and the joy of pure confidence! To pick flowers, to grocery shop, to have coffee with a friend, to go to a

family event, whatever is in your happy grasp. But that fear has you chained to heaviness. You have the mindset to feel, touch and explore what

the outside world holds for you. With a little bit of free form work, along with guided support, you can learn to become a FEAR SLAYER too!

Beautifully enrobed with the air of confidence to continue to help yourself and possibly the next damsel in distress. How amazing is that?!! 

Let’s start honoring the new “YOU” by moving forward and trying to keep that momentum in probably the biggest fight of your life. Pick yourself

up, break out of those chains and arm yourself with that shield of empowerment and let me help you get there! We will use many forms of

action: art, creativity, journaling, devotionals, breathing, laughter, words, quotes, songs to encourage some goodness into your heart and soul.


Begin your new “Once upon a time…” today. Adjust your crown and let’s get started!


Your Fairy Guide-Mother,

Becoming a FEAR SLAYER Course (WOMEN ONLY)

I believe we are all here to help each other.  My heart wants to connect with women who feel trapped by panic attacks, fears, and anxieties.
This course was created so you know ::: YOU ARE NOT ALONE ::: in these struggles. Let’s come together and empower you to become that FEAR SLAYER!!


Royal Introductory Price is $69

What you invest in:

·      Course is 5 weeks long

·      Weekly LIVE 60-minute group calls on ZOOM- where we will share, support, encourage, honor and build confidence in a positive safe forum. (Must have ZOOM platform installed to participate)

·      Digital art therapy workbook. A guide that I created and will incorporate into our weekly LIVE group to help conquer panic attacks and fear.

·      Small intimate group limited to 6-8 women

·      Email connection

·      Facebook group is private and safe

·      Facebook LIVE in private group for ongoing encouragement throughout each week.

·      1:1 Virtual Confidante call-up to 30 minutes. (During course) Actual call with me to give you encouragement and guide you through a “trying to conquer a fear”
or “working through a panic attack” moment.


To sign up: Email me at dira@dirareeves.com with “FEAR SLAYER” in subject line. I will send you an intake form that you will be required to fill out and
send back to me. 
Once I receive your intake form, I will send you an invoice through PayPal for the payment of $69 along with a confirmation that you
will be in the small group. Once the group is full, you can be put on a waiting list for the next course date.